France is a mountainous nation and the French a comely people. Notre Dame Cathedral speaks to that: Even while burning, it represents France’s majestic culture and historical previous. It was largely performed trusty two years after the Mongol annihilation of Baghdad and 545 years sooner than Napoleon’s mountainous victory of Austerlitz.

When rebuilt, Notre Dame will over all yet again signify abundant French pleasure and resilience. The US must aloof play a section in that rebuilding. This may possibly per chance seemingly be costly, per chance reaching into the heaps of of thousands and thousands of bucks. Level-headed, France is our oldest ally. It is far the ally that made George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams our nation’s fathers, in feature of traitors who died on the gallows by the fingers of British rulers.

Now, France and Notre Dame deserve our lend a hand.

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In service of our shared historical previous and deep friendship, President Trump must aloof seek the advice of with French President Emmanuel Macron. He must aloof then quiz Congress to authorize a grant to France worth 17.83% of Notre Dame’s entire reconstruction bills. That funding would support two capabilities: providing tangible solidarity to France and making that solidarity a companion to our continuing historical previous. (1783 was the year the Treaty of Paris was signed and Beneficial Britain known the independence of the united states.)

This is no longer surely most interesting about symbolism, nonetheless.

Mutual passion demands that France and The US face the leisure of the twenty first century together as allies. Serving to France return Notre Dame to glory will signify something particular but straightforward: The US’s decided intent that no hardship or fire will ever murder our “fraternité.”

That symbol would point out something wanted for the U.S. and France: Collectively, our easiest days proceed to lie forward.


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