The Curiosity rover’s wheel has some damage in this image from July 7.


NASA’s Curiosity rover is equipped with tense aluminum wheels, however they’re no longer getting off easy on Mars. The crimson planet’s rocky panorama continues to lift a toll on the rover, as fresh photos of wheel damage issue.

The rover extinct the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) digicam on the the stop of its robotic arm to lift a shut maintain a study its wheels on July 7. Right here is ravishing grand the rover identical of inspecting the bottom of your boots after going for a rocky hike. 

Yep, those are some holes in Curiosity’s wheel.


The wheels are dented and pockmarked from traversing tough ground. What’s most pertaining to are the varied cracks and outright holes visible across the treads. 

Whereas the damage appears provoking, the wheels are actually doing a ravishing honest true job of inserting in there.

“Despite the incontrovertible truth that the wheels maintain developed some holes, the testing and modeling which had been completed since early 2014 impress that Curiosity can restful plod back and forth a great deal of kilometers on these wheels,” Curiosity crew member Roger Craig Wiens wrote in a mission exchange.

The rover has traveled 12.ninety nine miles (20.ninety one kilometers) since reaching Mars in 2012, so the wheels could presumably maybe maintain to restful restful be serviceable for moderately a whereas.

NASA assessments in on Curiosity’s wheels regularly. Alook from early this yearlooked ethical as startling because the fresh photos. The damage could presumably maybe also no longer find effectively, however Curiosity’s crew has devised clever ways to work thru it, along with adjusting the price of the rover’s wheels to lower strain from rocks.

WithOpportunity now defunct, Curiosity is NASA’s finest remaining Mars rover. No longer no longer as a lot as except thefresh Mars 2020rover arrives.


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