The Curiosity rover at Mars “Woodland Bay.”

Image: NASA / JP L / College of Arizona

By Tag Kaufman

A satellite zooming spherical Mars spotted a lone machine, the Curiosity Rover, exploring the rugged Martian terrain. 

The auto-sized rover, which has traveled practically thirteen miles on Mars over the final seven years, is now carefully inching up the snide of Mount Keen, a Three.5-mile splendid mountain sitting within the midst of the sprawling Gale Crater. The rover has been busy scouring rock samples in an dwelling that planetary scientists suspect used to be once blanketed in moist clay.

“It’s trusty one of many stops the rover has made in an dwelling customarily known because the “clay-bearing unit” on the side of Mount Keen,” NASA wrote on Friday.

The Curiosity Rover on Mars.

Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech

A noted ridge, known as the Vera Rubin Ridge, will even be considered cutting to the left (or northwest) of the rover, whereas ripples of sad sand are on came across the true of the six-wheeled robot. 

The rover seems admire a gleaming speck for the reason that sun glinted off Curiosity at trusty the true attitude as NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter swooped overhead.

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NASA plans for the nuclear-powered machine to creep up Mt. Keen over the arrival years to review the panorama and toughen our figuring out of what the now-desolate tract terrain used to be admire billions of years within the past, when the Martian planet used to be a wetter, bluer set up. 

In 2020, a more evolved automobile-sized rover will possible be a half of Curiosity on the Martian ground. The fresh rover will scour the Jezero Crater, a 30 mile-broad bowl about 1,640 toes deep. It’s believed to contain once held an 800-foot deep lake some Three.5 billion years within the past.  


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