In 2014 and 2015, the world witnessed four consecutive total eclipses of the moon, known as a tetrad.

Pastor Label Biltz, the man who found that such occasions historically were accompanied by fundamental inclinations for the nation of Israel, is retaining an scrutinize on the next lunar eclipse, Jan. 30.

It’s known as a “handsome blood wolf moon eclipse” because this is also a total lunar eclipse for parts of North America at a time when the corpulent moon is on the closet level of its orbit to the Earth.

It’s furthermore the first of its kind in 2019. It’ll happen at about 12:12 a.m. unless 12:Forty four a.m.

“The Shapely Blood Moon this Three hundred and sixty five days is furthermore known as a wolf moon being the first corpulent moon of the Three hundred and sixty five days. There are some unattainable patterns that are happening that seem beyond coincidence,” Biltz told WND.

Biltz bases his celestial observations on Genesis 1:14, which says the glorious bodies assist “as indicators to mark sacred instances.” He explains his findings in his ebook “Blood Moons,” which attracts from earlier works, “God’s Day Timer” and “The Feasts of the Lord.”

He eminent that the 2014 and 2015 blood moons fell on Jewish holidays.

The eclipse this month, he acknowledged, “fair so happens” to be on the date of President Trump’s inauguration two years ago.

“Trump used to be born on the night of June 14, 1946, within quarter-hour of a total lunar eclipse and 700 days sooner than the screech of Israel used to be established. When he used to be sworn in as president on January 20, 2017, he used to be 70-years-ragged, seven months and seven days. Also, very significantly, the Shapely Blood Moon furthermore falls on the Jewish vacation of Tu B’Shevat. Even extra fundamental is the real fact that there used to be one other Blood Moon on Tu B’Shevat final Three hundred and sixty five days! Final Three hundred and sixty five days the blood moon used to be viewed over the Center East and this Three hundred and sixty five days will be viewed over the U.S.”

Biltz acknowledged that from a biblical standpoint, having two blood moons on the same biblical vacation two years in a row is extraordinarily fundamental.

“The Bible says that all the pieces is to be established by two or three witnesses,” he acknowledged. “As a subject of fact the Bible says in Psalms 89 that God’s covenant with Israel and King David is without end and the sun and the moon are to be His devoted witnesses in heaven confirming that.”

It is the first of three handsome moons in 2019. The others are on Feb. 19 and March 21.

USA As of late reported the reddish gentle passing by the earth’s ambiance prompts the “blood moon” name. It is a “wolf moon” for being the corpulent moon in January, when “wolves howled in starvation.”

He cited Psalm 89:34-37: “My covenant I might no longer crash, Nor alter the be conscious that has gone out of My lips. When I procure sworn by My holiness; I might no longer deceive David: His seed shall endure without end, And his throne because the sun sooner than Me; It will be established without end treasure the moon, even treasure the devoted look within the sky.”

“Here now we procure two years in a row the sun and the moon coming together to verify God’s covenant with Israel on Tu B’Shevat! So let me uncover the importance of Tu B’Shevat,” he acknowledged.

“Our calendar is varied than the biblical calendar. Our January is set connected to the biblical month of Shevat. Tu B’Shevat capacity the fifteenth day of the month of Shevat. In the ebook of Leviticus 19:23-25 it speaks of when Israel vegetation trees in their Promised Land they’ll no longer exercise the fruit of it unless the fifth Three hundred and sixty five days because the previous years it’s a long way assumed to be holy. So Tu B’Shevat which is when spring is set to originate in Israel it used to be firm that that would be the day all trees planted the Three hundred and sixty five days sooner than would be idea to be one Three hundred and sixty five days ragged to rating it more uncomplicated to preserve the commandment.”

Then, he acknowledged, in Revelation chapter 6 “we learn about a crimson horse who takes peace from the earth. We rating the four horses of the ebook of Revelations tied to the four horses in Zechariah 6. In Zechariah chapter one it speaks of the crimson horse so let’s sail there: starting up at Zech 1:7: ‘Upon the four and twentieth day of the eleventh month, which is the month Shevat, within the 2d Three hundred and sixty five days of Darius, came the be conscious of the LORD unto Zechariah the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo, the prophet, asserting– I noticed within the night, and detect a man using upon a crimson horse, and he stood amongst the myrtle-trees.’

“Here we contemplate the vision of the Pink Horse of battle takes screech within the month of Shevat, the month of trees and we contemplate they are amongst the myrtle trees fair 9 days after Tu B’Shevat.

“So we now contemplate the vision of the crimson horses using takes screech on the stay of the 70 Three hundred and sixty five days captivity and from the first verse it’s a long way the 2d Three hundred and sixty five days of Darius that the vision takes screech within the month of Shevat. So here we are on the stay of the seventieth Three hundred and sixty five days anniversary of Israel being a nation, prophetically blossoming as a fig tree, within the month of Shevat, the put now we procure a blood crimson moon, for the 2d Three hundred and sixty five days in a row, on Tu B’Shevat 9 days sooner than the crimson horses originate their roam on the stay of the 2d Three hundred and sixty five days of the Trump administration who has been in comparison with Darius/Cyrus!

“We then peep in Zechariah chapter one that LORD is extraordinarily jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with a huge jealousy and is displeased with the nations who are comfy proclaiming He’ll procure compassion on Jerusalem and it’s a long way time to rebuild the Temple! With that acknowledged I hope this Three hundred and sixty five days there’ll be a proclamation to again rebuild the Temple and to rating it a screech of prayer for all nations!”

Biltz believes God is asserting the nations is no longer going to resolve the boundaries of Jerusalem, but he’ll.

“Jerusalem is no longer going to procure walls and the God of Israel will provide protection to her,” he acknowledged.

“The big declare within the period in-between and at this connected time as well is the americans of the nation of Israel no longer belief it’s a long way the time to rebuild the Temple! So in conclusion I’m no longer asserting it’s a long way the stay of the world or that one thing else will happen on the 20th. I’m asserting the patterns teach this Three hundred and sixty five days might furthermore perhaps bring a battle within the Center East but Israel will be victorious and we would perchance furthermore contemplate a declaration for the rebuilding of the Temple.”

Biltz’ most modern ebook, “Decoding the Antichrist and the Dwell Instances,” will be launched March 5.


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